Shades of Rhythm - Love, Doves & Hugs Guest Mix for Thump!

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    Shades of Rhythm - Sweet Sensation (Vox Mix)
    Shades of Rhythm - Everybody (Edit)
    Adonis - Now way back (Greg Wilson Remix)
    Joey Beltram - Energy Flash
    Virgo - In a Vision
    Gat Decor - Passion (Naked Mix)
    Masters of the Universe - Space Talk
    The Hypnotist - The House is Mine
    DSK - What would we do
    Groove Ryders - Movin 2 the Beat (Jim Tight Remix)
    Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam Force - Let the Beat hit em
    Steve Silk Hurley - Jack your Body (Radio Edit)
    FPI Project - Risky (Original Mix)
    Nightwriters - Let the Music (use you) (Club Mix)
    D'Mob - Put your Hands together
    Soft House Company - What you need
    Ralphie Rosario - You used to hold me (Kenny´s Mix)
    SBam - Chica Boom (Revitalized Original Master DAT)
    Marshall Jefferson - Move your Body
    Clubland - Let´s get busy
    Quartz - Meltdown
    Frankie Knuckles presents Satoshi Tomiie ft Robert Owens - Tears
    Fallout - The Morning after
    Joe Smooth - Promised Land (Underground Mix)
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