Setting Up Audio Interface With Sonar 7


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May 21, 2007
I've recently got a copy of Sonar 7 Producer Edition to rewire with reason, and it works fine if I use it through my laptop's soundcard, but as that soundcard is crap I want to use my audio interface (Alesis Io2)

When I have the interface plugged in, it works fine with all programs including reason, but then when I open up sonar it says it is being used or is not setup properly and asks if I want to disable or use anyway.

I thought i maybe because reason was using the soundcard, but even without any other programs open sonar still says this.

I have watched vids on youtube on how to set them up but they dont seem to get this message, and I've installed the drivers, and Asio etc.

Does anyone who uses Sonar have any tips?

Cheers, Alexi
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