Sets from - Christmas bonanza


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Due to other commitments (djing, moving house, work, work work), i haven't posted up much recently so gonna put the last few sets here to download. Their all jump-up and some have DJ Assassin guesting. All upfront with exclusive dubplates and the biggest tunes around.

First one, me and Assassin - my birthday / 5 years on Kool / Pre Amsterdam trip show. Pure jokes, brandy and phat beats flowing! 1st is on MediaFire, 2nd from dnbshare (19/11/2011)

Next up after my house move and our Amsterdam trip, more hot beats and jokes galore, 1st is on MediaFire, 2nd from dnbshare (3/12/2011)

This one is me on my solo, the warm up to the 20 years of Kool with a K party. More of the hot stuff (10/12/2011)

And finally Assassin back again, playing our top beats of the moment, more jokes and Christmas vibes, 1st is on MediaFire, 2nd from dnbshare (17/12/2011)

Thanks to all who have downloaded the sets this year, will keep them coming, have a happy Christmas and wicked New Year
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