Sequence - Spring 2016


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Apr 2, 2011
New mixed filled with positive and soulful vibes. No techy bangers.

Silence Groove & Skeletone - Brothers [Celsius}

The Vanguard Project - In The Ground [Fokuz]

Surreal - Money Honey [Celsius]

Impish - After Classes [Fokuz]

Larigold - Trapped Tonight [Celcius]

Satl feat. Command Strange - Turn Me On [Fokuz]

Villem & Mcleod - If I Had [Spearhead]

Surreal - Crime Scene [Celsius]

Lenzman - Bayview [NQ]

Villem & Mcleod - Perfection Solution [Spearhead]

Pola & Bryson - Phantom [Shogun]

Need For Mirrors & Phil Tangent - Distant in the Near (CIA]

Lenzman feat IAMDDB - In My Mind [NQ]

Villem & Phase - Tell Me [Horizons]

Malaky - Speak Low [Celsius]

Nelver - City Lights [Galacy]

Spectrasoul - Second Chance [Ish Chat]

Lenzman - Waves [NQ]

Need For Mirrors & Phil Tangent - Shifting Tones [CIA]

Malaky - Resolution [Celsius]

Soligen & Type 2 - Butterfly (Impish & Meta Remix) [Fokuz]

Lenzman - Walk On By [NQ]

Spectrasoul - On & On [Ish Chat]

Pola & Bryson - Monument [Shogun]

Need For Mirrors & Phil Tangent [CIA]

Edlan - One Way Home [Fokuz]

Pretty sure iv jammed your mixes in the past..
This is well up my street, really feeling liquid rollers atm & to start with Silent Groove ! Youve got me ! Love that guy..
Beautiful rolling start into some amazing horns around 12 mins - bit of a contrast round 20 mins, hard beat into switched into something alittle lighter, maybe the eq just need to be a tad louder, but seemed the next tune came in fast, so this on 3 decks ? or am i just hearing things , must admit iv not heard most the tunes so i could be wrong :)
always good to hear Fats and the new vocalist with Lenzman is wicked, that was a niiiice mix was even better coming out of it 'Tell Me' is it ? thats a BAAAAD TUNE !!
Picked up some pace from there and changed the groove of the mix, which was sick , some proper clicky bits which i love really vibing now
More vocals coming in around 50 was needed keep things exciting, think you could o ended there and would have been nice..
Last couple tunes were sweet, just lost me by that point.. all in all very enjoyable mix, well put together very tight
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