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    I have always been a huge fan of Dillinja. I remember first hearing 'Angels fell' and falling in love with those 'Vangelis' strings and then those deep subs and amens. Production at it's very best.

    Then i picked up 'The prototype years' and well what can i say about 'Silver blade', a absolute killer! Those breaks still sound so fresh and this tune will never date, always loved the darkness of the second drop which Dillinja was well renowned for. This is prob my fav Dillinja tune ever!

    Acid Track is another one that instantly showcases his style, classic intro and an amen drop with deadly subs.
    Though much has been said about his output and quality post 2004, he is regarded as an absolute legend and has been responsible for many anthems which still get played today on a regular basis (Andy C always throws in a few per set!). I for one hope for another album one day which will take him back to the top.

    I had been meaning to do a all Dillinja mix for a while now and have now done 2 in the space of as many days. One 100% vinyl and the other using Timecode (Technics & Traktor S4) which is the first to be available to download. 27 tunes in total and about 74 minutes in length. I hope you like the mix and please leave a comment if you get time.

    Oh and let me know your fav Dillinja tunes!


    Nasty Wayz / Hard Noise
    You're gonna miss my face remix - feat Shanie
    Strontium Jazz remix
    Acid track
    Tudor rose
    Blaze it down
    Tear down da whole place
    Soul control
    Forsaken dreams
    Search for me remix - feat Shanie
    Angels fell
    Good girl
    Silver blade
    Unexplored Terrain
    Take my life
    No way out remix
    Go Dillinja
    Love is not a game
    Bambaata remix
    What's the deal
    Hands in the air
    Valve sound
    I wanna know
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