Seldom October Mix. Dark/Soulful


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Nov 29, 2009
London's Home/Bournemouth's Uni
New mix for October. I decided to keep it pretty chilled for the majority of it, but it starts fairly head nod/techie and finishes a bit more lively as well. Well liking the mixes into and out of ‘The Wickaman Theory’. Just trying to come with something a bit different. Standardly, crits much appreciated!

Check it here.

Track List:
Break & Hydro- Immaculate
>>Alix Perez- Menacing Ways
Alix Perez- State 808
Judda- Pressure Plate
SPY- System Crash
Chester P- The Wiccaman Theory
8 Bits- So Good
Spectrasoul- Buried
Total Science Feat Riya- Redlines
Spectrasoul- Alibi (Break Remix)
Marky & Spy- Tapestry
Bachelors of Science- Song For Lovers (Lynx Remix)
>>Calibre- Don’t Want Your Love
Bcee- Generations
Klute- Escape Let Go
Lenzman Feat Riya- Open Page
Alix Perez- Melanie
Spy- Like a Dream
Spectrasoul- Organizer
Loadstar- Link to the Past
Basher, Deep & Shaffie- Imperfections
Nymfo- Magnetic Field
Phace- Strange Science
Spy- Dark Age
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