Seeking similar FUNKY tunes - Cyantific "Power Surge"


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Hello, all. I'm recruiting the forum's help here for suggestions for a new direction of mix I want to experiment with in the near future. I absolutely love this tune:

However, there aren't that many tunes that are just that downright funky. I'm looking for more tunes with a similar style in that they rely on samples from the late 70s/80s and generally give a similar vibe as Power Surge. Not necessarily different Cyantific tunes, but things that just fit the bill and would blend well.

Some examples of tunes that I've found that have similar samples, but not the same energy:

Also, Influenza-ish stuff like Grimm, Qumulus, etc.

Obviously tunes available on vinyl would be preferred to digital exclusives. Any help would be greatly appreciated, gents!
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