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hello all,
what's new? i'm rachel in seattle, and i'm just working away and listening to some dnb archives on lovely i've joined this site with the intent to get someone to send me a mix of their favorite dnb tunes as of late.
right now i'm very much into a jazzy, smooth sound, and when I go out I mostly hear techstep, or whatever they call the hard-banging, i'm-trapped-in-an-oil-refinery stuff now. My favorite songs lately are by High Contrast, Seba, Total Science, and i'm trying to find a song by Alias 'Can I?..' basically, I just need a good dose of musical expansion.
I'd just love some tips on what else I might like, what labels I should look to for similar sounds, etc? And as before, if i could persuade someone to send me a tape, I can make you a great indie rock/experimental mix, or send you some art, cookies or a nice letter. hehe.

nice to meet you xo
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theres loadsa people on here that luv liquid beatz like u so u shud find sum mixes in the mixes section that you'll like (like Indi said). Look for tunes on Hospital recordings, they've gotta be the biggest liquid label about. 'Liquid V' is a fairly new label to look out for. Look for tunes by Calibre, Nu Tone, London Electricity. Thats all I can think of for now cos I'm not really a big liquid fan lol.
take it ez x


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they have some really really nice live sets from Technicality night here, tunes by Seba feature, and there also a DJ set by him, plus plenty of other drum funk- melodic - break driven stuff, Bailey, Breakage etc.

But please do check the mixes section right here, (Indi's is a good mix indeed) and there smany styles to choose

cookies please!