searching for something diseased!


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Mar 2, 2004
I went to a really good rave on the weekend, and heard something I haven't heard before. I am interested to get some artist names etc. as i think it is about the beat breakbeat/drumnbass i have heard. It was really harsh with technoish elements and so much bass i couldn't describe.

Someone said it was diseased drum n' bass?

It had really wierd high pitched squeals and japanese games noises.

It had a non standard drumnbass beat, more of a kick to it.

I have been searching all over and can't find anything like it. Hopefully someone has some ideas.

I know it aint the same as normal dnb or breakbeat as i have alot of each.

cheers ozz :D

V Matt

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Aug 16, 2002
London Town
Harsh and technoish elements, sounds like the sort of shite that gets churned out by people like Trace on DCSI4

Who was the DJ?


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Mar 2, 2004
nothing like aphex t or squarepusher. It had a breakbeat with some heavier beats. Sort of like Plump Djs but loads more twisted with more complex bass and harsher.

it was a guy called toby at a free party - rave, in devon - england mixing. (not his own stuff).

I was too of my tits to think about asking him.

I think it is just some sub genre there were no vocals that sang or spoke so it could have even been foriegn.
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