Science Helsinki podcast #29 (featuring a tune of mine :D)


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Jul 12, 2009
Melbourne, Australia
If you havent heard or followed these podcasts you are missing out on some of the best selections in jungle and dnb. Listening to their mixes over the past couple of years has shaped my tastes in dnb, its quality tasteful jungle at its finest.
the latest edition features a tune of mine woop woop, so have a download and enjoy the mix.

download here soundcloud or itunes (you get the drop down box where you can select the tune in itunes which is dope)

pretty dope trisector mixed it in with cornered :)
ill take this opportunity to spam my tunes too have a geez, got a few bits forthcoming that ill be posting soon but gotta keep it on the low
peace for now
Im put off by it quite a bit as the first 12" we put out didnt break even let alone make profit.... i dont want to just throw money down the drain!!

The idea i have though should work i think but we will see!!!
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