Sariscen - Invalid


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Here's something I started a few months back, and I've just finished now. I, personally, really like it, it starts off with an interesting broken beat with crisp claps and luscious, almost dissonant pads, then drops into some groove-based filth - but not TOO filthy I like dirty synths and drops you can dance to, not something that'll make you screwface and buzz off how dirty the rack is just hecause it is dirty, not because the musicality and the dirtiness combined make for danceable, dirty music. Reading back that last paragraph I probably sound like a wanker, but fuck it. this one might be on the cards for a release as well.

any and all constructive criticism is welcome!

ALSO, check this one out, it's forthcoming on Surplus's label Soul Trader/Hard Soul. This a very roughly mixed version but the track is finished and it's a classic sounding party bit of drum and bass. again, feedback is welcome.

Thanks guys!

Sam ./ Sariscen


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For invalid, I really like the diverse intro that the track has, it is long but still interesting enough to keep someone listening. Can't really say a lot for after the drop since it is a WIP but it does sounds good. Keep on working on it.

Helter Skelter is heavy! Well done :)