Ruse Records presents 'Jekyll and Hyde EP' Available NOW !!!


The Release

Ruse Records presents our first digital output, through some of the scenes leading producers as a 4 track Ruse Records EP titled 'Jekyll and Hyde EP'. This will show case the Ruse Records concept of 'Light and Dark' releases while keeping on the Neurofunk and progressive tip, now where your mix goes, is up to you.

'Jekyll and Hyde EP' - Click tracks for audio.

A. InsideInfo - Megadrive One VIP
B. Insideinfo - Clash
C. Materia - Standing Still VIP
D. SideWalk - Night Ghosts

Receiving support world wide from some of the scenes biggest names including State of Mind (NZ), Jade (HUN), Submerged (USA), Matt-U (HUN), Metrik (UK) & Cern (NZ).

The Information

Available now through BEATPORT and JUNODOWNLOAD!!!
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Jekyll and Hyde EP @ BEATPORT.COM

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The Concept

Dr Jekyll - InsideInfo - Megadrive One VIP

Insideinfo starts the EP off in extremely fine form, encompassing the playful adventurous mind of Dr Jekyll before the madness of Hyde is unleashed. This rolling, exciting, fulfilled adventure is aided by melodic strings and uplifting samples, the solid and expertly precise drums create the foundation of this tale taking the listener on a continually forward moving adventure. Smooth deep bass lines resound throughout the journey smothered in underlying neuro bass layers which help to add an extra element to this diverse story. Another killer on the dance floor for all those who like it rolling.

Mr Hyde : Insideinfo - Clash

Insideinfo directs an audible performance of a man caught between a million thoughts, Clash is taken through stages of thunderous bass lines and foundered on a complex labyrinth of drums. The bass heavy roars of the tortured mind can be heard resounding throughout the movie, ensuring any event goers are unable to stay in their seats.
The harmonic orchestral choir strings help set the stage as your conscience is drawn into his dream, calm overwhelms you for only a moment, then 'Clash' thrusts you back into the twisted nightmare of chain saw like bass lines and disturbed beats.
A dance floor smasher.

Dr Jekyll : Materia - Standing Still VIP

Materia brings his Swiss techniques to the cast of 'Standing Still VIP', an updated lick to the original classic ‘Standing Still’, the beautiful vocal driven performance is accompanied by dubby neuro bass lines wrapped in a arousing tape delay, this techy cross of Liquid / Neuro and Dub helps provide a enjoyable tune on both dance floors and MP3 players, neuro bass edits throughout keep the flow interesting and progressive.

Mr Hyde : Sidewalk - Night Ghosts

'Sidewalk' steps in to score the epic 'Night Ghosts', he creates an eerie start to this epic tale with displaced hi hats and atmospherics. The film of sound then starts to takes life with a masterfully crafted hip hop beat layered with bubbling, morphing bass stabs, drawing the audience in to the calm before the storm. Suddenly 'Night Ghosts' drops with a fast moving freight train of heavy drums and whirling bass lines morphing from shape to shape, the deep sub bass carries this neuro roller along gaining more and more energy as it progresses. The Bass lines begin to shift; expanding to the bridge and on re entering the bass fades then teases with heavy sub bass and lets the drums rolls out to the break down. Touching back from where it started 'Night Ghosts' starts to build again, all elements now excited; the drums and introduced with full effect; the bass lines twisting and morphing; a new added layer of distortion adds to the growing energy of the tune as all hell breaks loose and the universe no longer exists, not one for the faint hearted and a huge crowd pleaser.