RUFF RHYTHMZ DOUBLE DOSE: Pamb, Dreazz, Noble and Westrum


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Apr 7, 2003
Almere, The Netherlands

Hi There! The last two Ruff Rhythmz broadcasts are now online. To start off with the broadcast from May 15th, well..... Last year DJ Harsh from the Elementz kru visited the Ruff Rhythmz studio and blew us pretty much away. The good news is: there are more Elementz in that kru, and two of those visited us this time. In the first hour (okay, a small hour) DJ Pamb dropped his excellent set. In the second hour Dreazz (yep, Triple Vision, Major League.... THAT Dreazz) dropped a fast paced set with a mixture of old, new and brand new tunes.

1st Hour: Pamb (and a bit of Statik)
2 Wikkid: Give it Up - Fluff Girl Wax
Monty and Pascal: Gravity - Frontline
Drumsound and Simon 'Bassline' Smith: Breakdown - Technique
Crossfire: Stryker - Drop on Request
Uncle 22: Tricknology - East Side
Blame: The Phoenix - 720 Degrees
Gen: Catcha - Fokuz
Dune: Oracle - Breakbeat Science
Hidden Agenda: Stay - Metalheadz
Nos: Culture (polar remix) - Dispatch
Die: Jittabug - Full Cycle
Calibre: Peso - Signature
Bluez and Bronco: Forget You - Frontline
Klute: Traffico - Commercial Suicide
ICBM: The Pursuit - Black Sun Empire
Marcus Intalex and ST Files: How You Make Me Feel (photek remix) - 31 Records
Jagged Edge: Rock Baby - V
Mathematics: Make U Mine - CIA

2nd Hour: Dreazz
Mykra: Sun 2 - Expressions
Calibre: Oh Brother - Defunked
Delta and Influx UK: East of the River Nile - Microdot
Stakka, Skynet and DJ Friction: Altitude (fierce and ryme tyme remix) - Under Fire
Technical Itch and Kemal: The Calling - Moving Shadow
Klute: Part of Me (instrumental) - Hospital
J Majik: Spaced Invader - Infrared
Artificial Intelligence: There for You - Renegade
Total Science: Nosher - Advanced
The Militia: Amnesia - Militia
Cause 4 Concern and Fierce: Carrier - Quarantine
Doc Scott: NHS (total science remix) - 31
Future Tech: Gangster Boogie - Technique
AK1200 and Junior Reid: Junior's Tune (digital remix) - Breakbeat Science
Mindmachine: Traumatized - Cylon
Klute: Now, Always, Forever - Commercial Suicide
Nu Tone: G.M.A.S. (matrix remix) - Nu Tone
Kamanchi: Back to tha Boogie - V

Last Thursday (the 21st) we had two DJs from the Crownchamp stable: Rotterdam's DJ Noble - who recently teamed up with DJ Denny D to launch a new party in Rotterdam called Res!stance - and Utrecht's DJ Westrum - who is teamed with DJ Sage for about ages and have their quite succesfull Structure parties in Utrecht.
Noble takes the first hour of this Ruff Rhythmz and shows what he is made off: a quite soulfull yet solid set of tunes.
The second hour is for Westrum, and his sets starts off with the two most brilliant tunes released this year (IMHO) - "4D" by Paradox and Sileni and "Pieces" by Seba and Lenk. He does play a couple of other tunes as well..

1st Hour: Noble
Nos: Chameleon - Dispatch
Total Science: Pop Psychology - CIA
Artificial Intelligence: Soul Good - Commercial Suicide
Twisted Individual: [unknown] - Formation
Skeptic: Media - Eastside
Falcon: Switch - Ohm
DJ Clipz: Calypso - Emcee
Kamanchi: Disaster Must Fall - Full Cycle
Hyper-on Experience: Lord of the Null Lines (total science remix) - Moving Shadow
Ganja Kru: Mash Up da Place (dj hazard remix) - Ganja
Mampi Swift: Play Me - Charge
DJ Clipz: Cuban Linkz - Emcee
Stranjah: Don't Wanna (distorted minds remix) - Media
Friction: Lightspeed - Advanced
Juju: Space Vato - Invaderz Transmissions
Total Science: 3 Quarter - Advanced
Cause 4 Concern and Fierce: Carrier - Quarantine

2nd Hour: Westrum
Paradox and Sileni: 4D - Outsider
Seba and Lenk: Pieces - Secret Operations
Danny C and Addiction: Feel it - Movement
Spirit: Vertigo - Commercial Suicide
Special Forces: Sidewinder - Photek Productions
Fifth Element: Instinct (dillinja mix) - Architecture
Loxy and Ink: Get Yours - Cylon
Drumsound and Simon 'Bassline' Smith: Firewall - Worldwide Audio
Henchmen: Gutter Life - Spektrum Audio
Dylan and Loxy: Area 52 - Nemcron
Hype: Coming in Good - Ganja
Drumsound and Simon 'Bassline' Smith: Friday - CIA
J. Majik featuring Kathy Brown: Tell Me (twisted individual remix) - Infrared
Ed Rush and Optical: Greed - Virus
Counter Strike: Doom Prophet - Core
Nos: Groove Me - East Side
Kenny Ken: D 'n' B Souljah - Mix 'n' Blen
DJ SS: Rollidge (twisted individual remix) - VIP
Optical: To Shape the Future (remix) - Metalheadz

You can download all of these at - I'll be off for a couple of weeks, but on June 12th we'll be airing a new Ruff Rhythmz - keep yer ears peeled!!

Cheers, Statik.
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