roy davis jr - hot new fauna flash remix - mp3 inside

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    Apr 18, 2005
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    Out now: This brand new single from the nice+smooth label (oscillate recordings/metro breaks) is a welcome diversion from Chicago music legend Roy Davis Jr.

    Most of the shops are tossing this new single into the house bins and the dnb headz are missing out on this hot remix from prolific German duo FAUNA FLASH. Please download, distribute and play at will.

    Full mp3 version here: Roy Davis Jr. - Melodies From Heaven (Fauna Flash Aquarius Mix)

    If you're looking for the wax, the catalog number is NICE 0019, available from Kudos Distribution.

    Upcoming from nice+smooth:
    Brand new double vinyl of VISIONARY remixes from the SOL AZUL project - in stores June 21st (NICE 0022)