Roni Size "Feel the heat / Move up" (FC 048)


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Mar 4, 2002
Like I said..... not too many DnB records these days that say "Steve, buy me" yet this one got to me. All thanks to the Cartoon Network playing this record (feel the heat) constantly during the month of January for some NBA / Dextors Lab commercial.

The lead tune "Feel The Heat" is nice because it uses this very nice sounding keys.... almost hardcore like. The beats aren't too impressive but that hook is quite killer. The bassline is also just as catchy. Another nice bit in this tune is the drum roll that starts out like a 4/4 jungle tekno beat. Not a whole lot to rave about other then it uses nice keys. I've since listened to some other new Roni Size tunes and it seems his newer tunes aren't that bad. The guy knows how to write catchy tunes, I'll give him that.

The flip side "Move Up" isn't at all my style although it is quite catchy and enjoyable to listen to. I can't just outright diss this track because it doesn't sound like hardcore; its kinda nice.

Thank you Mr. Roni for this interesting record. Yet next time please.... more interesting and frequent change ups.

I rate this record: 6/10
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