Dubstep RippeR Podcast 003 - Mixed by McDubbin - Dubstep / DnB - ( Relapse ) - 11/2011


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RippeR has been forever growing for the past year celebrating its first birthday in August 2011.
Since then we have launched a Youtube site featuring some of producers who appear on the RippeR stage.
We also released all the mixes from the RippeR events over the past year on Mixcloud.com now featuring 40 mixes.
A monthly Podcast is our next instalment including all DJ's who appear at RippeR, which we'll also be uploading to Mixcoud.com

This Podcast features ( DJ ) McDubbin, Dubstep / Drum and Bass mix, he says :-

"Because I love both Drum and Bass and Dubstep I felt it would be appropriate to do a mix with both genres in it, as i feel there isn't enough DJ's doing it at the moment. In the mix i tried blending both Dark and Heavy Dubstep tunes with Dark/Tech Drum and Bass. I have hand picked each tune through my collection of vinyl and selected the ones that i see fit.
I have created this mix using 2 (sound lab) vinyl turntables and inserted the vocal samples (with thanx to Boyo) using Logic.
I hope you all enjoy the mix just as i have enjoyed creating it and would like to thank Mr Danny Intro for the oppurtunity to spread my mixes further"

To Download simply follow the link below :-


To Stream the mix, please follow the link and press play :-


1. SFR - Dreaming in computers (Guinea pig records)

2. Mr Vermin - Speakers (Audio Phreaks)

3. Balkansky - Sundrome (Dubsaw)

4. Evol Intent ft Jackie B - Under (Evol Intent Recordings)

5. DLR & Octane - ??? (Unknown Label)

6. Balkansky & Culprate - Android (Dubsaw)

7. Soundproof - Darkstar (Infamous Recordings)

8. Amon Tobin - Surge (16bit remix) (Zen Recordings?)

9. Dodge and Fuski - Aerophobia (Section

10. Koan Sound - Junpsuit Adventures (Screwloose)

11. Yohanne Simon ft Nyree - Scream my name (Balkansky remix)(Wicky Lindows)

12. Chase and Status - Eastern Jam (Ram Records)

13. SPL - Movie Boof (Hollow Point)

14. The Subdivision - Open Your Eyes (Paradise Lost)

15. Black Sun Empire - Broomer (Shadows of the Empire)

16. Black Sun Empire - Lights and Wires (Shadows of the Empire)

17. Mars and Ben William - Colonized (Wicky Lindows)

18. Reso - War Machine (Civil Music)

19. Alvin Risk & Bulletproof - One (Black Sun Empire Recordings)

20. Future Signal - Dissident (Sinuous Recordings)

21. Audio & Mob Tactics - Exit Wound (Run DnB)

22. Noisia - Block Control (Unknown)

23. Audio - Vacuum (Run DnB)

24. Black sun Empire & Counterstrike - Traum (Black Sun Empire Recordings)

25. Gancher & Ruin ft Triamer - Larum (Prspct UK)

26. Broken Note - Pyrotek (Damage)


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