Rinsed forum and website coming soon

Just to let you know we have a forum for Rinsed now:

Rinsed forum

And soon to be www.djsmallpaul.co.uk/rinsed/
o_O watch this space

And there are about 200 photos up at dontstayin.com now! Roll on August 18th with Breakneck resident o_O DJ CHARGE o_O Gosports urban legend: DJ SPOONER and Hard style man to blow up the crowd: JAY WALKER. My self and DJ WRIXON will be vs for the last hour, 2 choons each...

MC RATTA provides the lyrical style with partner in crime MC FOE and possibly another guest MC.. we all know what to expect from the man dey call da RATTA... Im gona host and MC for a bit too...

£4 is a bargain! See you there! :lol:
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