Richie Hawtin drops out of coachella...

Saw this today on his facebook:

''Unfortunately the technology that is the foundation of my career is not playing friendly today! So due to corrupt hard drive #1 and broken pins on hard drive #2 I'm not able to perform tonight at Coachella. Apologies and see you all next week!''

Sorry but this to me is a joke, in the house/techno scene he is held up there as one of the best dj's going. Yet as soon as his toys break he refuses to play, says a lot about his supposed skills as a dj. Surely he should have a back up set to play on cd'js??? As for his sets themselves, he usually plays each tune in it's entirety then has a basic mix into the next tune (using sync). Could never see a dnb dj doing this!!!!

Got out of wrong side of bed today, needed a rant.