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Tactile “Incline/The Mist (Klute rework)” Timeless
This is the album sampler from Tactile. I have heard some of the other tracks on dub, and it is one heavy album. Tactile have spawned a huge tune here. “Incline” is bad. Futuristic High Pass filtered pads layer up into a filmscore type thing. It all cuts out into twisted LFO bassline mayhem. If your going to use LFO basslines, this is the way to do it. “The Mist” sees Commercial Suicide’s Klute add his own subtle touches to a superb track. A mysterious chord intro rises up into a rolling tech stepping rub . The Anthemic breakdown in the middle is top. Hands in the air material. The original bass comes back in a whole new light. Superb.

Shy FX & T Power feat.Top Cat “Everyday/Feelings instrumental” Soundbwoy
Everyday hit the nail on the mark. Live entertainer over dubwise styles. An attention grabbing intro with gun shots and screams. Top Cat speaks out against the violence tearing up our communities. His familiar style delivering the message in an infectious way. Shy FX and T Power, get the bass and beats just right. Rudebwoy organs and horns finish the job. Big tune. The flip is an instrumental version of “Feelings”. Watch out for a Chase & Status remix of “Don’t Rush” soon.

Ill Logic & Raf ft Don-E “One Step To Glory” (The Remixes) DZR
The Total Science re-rub takes an optimistic upbeat slant on the track. Adding extra strings and chords to the intro, it melts down into an anthemic bassline blaster. Its been turned from a deep runner into an energetic party track. On the flip Paradox turns his beat slicing mastery to the format. Whereas sometimes his beats are almost too complex for the dancefloor, he’s kept this one more simple. His beats are still fatter than your average attempt though. Not surprising, as he’s is playing those drums. Deep strings are more in keeping with the original, I have to say this side is my favourite.

Neil Mac & AMC “C1 Music/Greenfly “Suelo Mas Alto (Neil Mac AMC rmx) “ FFR Records
This big time reggae rocker uses some soulful roots vocals over solid beats. Nice sound effects add to the jungle flavour. A well structured arrangement ensures DJ friendly mixing. A nice Ragga rydym breakdown in the middle adds to this roots vibe. Continuing the party vibe on the flip, warm spaniosh guitars and sassy vocals drift over fluid beats. A carefully controlled bassline has enough weight and dirt to ensure this will work wll on any dancefloor. Nice.

Upfull Rockers “ The Prophet/ One More Time” Dub Dimensions 2
The a-side washes in on warm strings and inviting vocals. Half intched from Michael Prophet, no less. This is a well put together vocal, and in the jungle style too. Massive amens and big basslines set this off just right. “One More Time” sees the Uplfull Rockers head down different avenues from their other three tracks. The dub flavour is still in effect, but this time things are taken in a jump up slant. Cracking beats and percussion set this up ready for a big drop. No dispointments here, just a nasty distorted 303 style sub workout.

Sappo “Lock On/” on Emotif
1-Xtra’s junglist soldier gets on th dials for Emotif, and turns out a couple of heavy tunes. “Lock On” drifts in innocuously enough with a dub delayed vocal slice. But it switches into an aggressive riff that is simple but runs on full octane jet fuel. The flip starts with a Sci Fi sample saying “I don’t Know The Future”. A nasty little melody leads into the dancefloor destroying bassline line assault. Its dark jump up without the cheese side order.

Dimensions EP Ram Records
Sub Focus “Citizen Kane”: Warm vocal swells and electric notes merge into tense horns as this one sets up for the drop. Electric guitars and constantly morphing basslines do battle in Subfocus’ unique soundscape. Watch for the Blissful breakdown before this one burst wide open again.
Shimon & Moving Fusion “Mysterons (Baron rmx)” The original was a heavy track, so this is not an easy one to get right on the remix. Baron turns his sound to the track, if you like his sound you’ll probably love this.
Sparfunk “Dimension X”: Refusing to do the normal stuff, this starts with an atmospheric half stepping swell of strings and vocals. The bass rolls in complimenting the futuristic flavours. The track keeps swelling and growing as it rolls. Killer film samples too. Heavy stuff.
Xample & Crystal Clear “Heaven & Hell”: Twisting up a reggae vocal straight off this one grabs the attention. The bass is almost over eager, and tickles the mix early. When things kick off it gets raw and nasty. Killer tune.

Kabuki “Beyond Words / Trailblazer” Liquid V
This German D&B supremo has been knocking out bad tracks since the mid 90’s. In fact some of my favourite tracks were from himself and his teamates under the Makai guise. Over the last few years Kabuki has focues on the more melodic side of things, and as a result Bryan G has noticed his efforts. “Beyond Words” has a solid chorused organ bass, this is the centre of the track. The piano loops and strings all move around the bass. “Trailblazer” uses filtered guitars alongside a catchy little synth to draw you in. A “Garbage DJ’s” sample sets this up nice. The sub is warm and rounded, like th etrack as a whole, its well finished off.

Tech Itch “Haunted/Wraith” on Penetration
Its horror movies on wax. This dark tale of filthy beats will disturb you big time. Sparse aggressive technoid sounds and complex beats will twist up your head. Evil reversed whisperings and spine chilling sounds set the mood. Disgusting track. “Wraith” gets deeper. Wide open synths give way to a carnal sample. “When I am free you are the first I will feed upon”. Nice. Play this to your kids before bedtime. Rave stabs and resonant mid range hits add weight to this industrial strength number.

Ill Logic & Raf “Reunited/Turnaround” on Bingo
The lads bring some deep flavours to the Bingo imprint. “Reunited” uses mesmerising electric bass loops and reversed pianos as pads. Instruments echo in the background, adding to the dreamy texture. A LFO’d bass adds pressure and momentum to the mix. A soulful vocal sample and reverbed horns complete the picture. “Turnaround” takes bluesy soulful vocals and enhance the meaning of the lyrics with their soundtrack. Soul searching stuff.

Black Sun Empire “Cruel and Unusual LP” on BSE Recordings
These Dutch nutters have been making their own particular brand of madness for some time, and this debut album can only set their reputation in stone. Is the title a reference to the American constitutions definition of torture ?
“The Cooler” kicks thing off with a distinctive intro this bursts into 808 acid line madness. “Everything” gets twisted, with Corrupt Souls in on the action. The studio crew take a housy female sample and warp it into a disturbing statement of greed. Haunting atmopherics and a distorted cow bell certainly help to twist this up. It’s the monster bassline that really does the job.
“Bitemark” is a more melodic journey into the BSE sound. The deeper side beckons with meditational strings and rolling breaks. Getting deeper with each beat, this dares to be a bit different. “Masquerade” features SKC. An evil Arabian style riff carries this into the main workout. Heavy subs and that ever present riff. Clever edits will keep you on your toes from start to finish.
It’s a Dutch D&B coalition on “Hideous” Noisia add their input to the BSE crew. Tight beats, tech funk sounds and rich strings tell you this is going to be a massive track before the bass breaks. The MC sample saying “everybody move” adds to the expectancy of a killer. No doubt this is a momentum track. Steamroller subs.
“Future Frame” sees BSE get that Euro trance sound by the throat. It may have anthemic melodies, but this is no cheese overdose. This gets nasty as it progresses. The last track sees BSE doing their bit for the Dance 4 Life charity, which looks to raise world awareness of the dangers of AIDS. “Dance 4 Life” (remix 2) is a heavy heavy tune, and its nice to know the proceeds of that track will be helping people out.
Certainly an LP that has grown on me the more I have heard it, and I liked it the 1st time. I hope this gets the recognition it deserves.

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