Multi Genre Reso - Check 1,2 EP + Info on the Reso LP 'Tangram'

Marcus Alkemist

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( Download delivered on release date: 15th Oct 2012 )

The precursor to Reso's Debut album 'Tangram' Emperor, Starkey, DJ Kentaro & Danny Scrilla remixes + the full original version of Check 1,2 taken from Tangram LP

Also available

'TANGRAM LP' 2×12"/CD/DL the debut album from Reso - Released 5th Nov 2012 ---> Get it here (

'ISHIMURA' 12"/DL - Out now - featuring Drop the Lime and Evol Intent Remixes and bonus track Vanquish ---> Get it here (

Check 1,2 is released 15th Oct 2012 and features artwork from Justin Maller (
Clips and pre-orders can be made here (for Check 1,2):

For Tangram, they can be found as per above, or below right here:

EDIT: Apologies in advance, Tangram contains no drum and bass, so maybe this was the wrong section. If a moderator wants, they can move the thread elsewhere. Sorry for my mistake.
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