Releases/Promos 22.07.2002

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    Nu Urban Music
    This weeks releases through Nu Urban Music

    New Releases 22.07.2002

    Cat#: DECKA 002
    Artist: Unknown
    Title: Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See Vocal Mix / Dub mix

    Cat#: ECIUJ 034
    Artist: The Aggravators
    Title: East Of The River Nile / Blackthorn Rose
    Label: Juice

    Cat#: HQR 004
    Artist: Optimus Prime
    Title: Pork Grinder / Danger Zone
    Label: Headquarter UK

    Cat#: SV 004
    Artist: Braveman
    Title: Heaven Into Hell / Movin On ft. Lady Cee
    Label: Solid Vinyl
    Nu Skool Breakz

    Cat#: VTNT 004
    Artist: DJ Trend
    Title: 2 Degrees (Original Mixes)
    Label: Left

    Promos 22.07.2002

    Cat#: SMR 008 P
    Artist: Genotype
    Title: Ground Force / Dark Groove
    Label: Slow Motion

    Cat#: UNS 003 P
    Artist: Ricochet / Era
    Title: Monster / Pig
    Label: Unstable Breakz
    Nu Skool Breakz

    Cat#: VVR 5018956 P
    Artist: Aphrodite feat. Barrington Levy
    Title: All Over Me / All Over Me (Original Dubplate)
    Label: V2

    All available through good dance record shops or online @