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    Scott Allen – Dub With Me EP – Techno
    Stepping Forward Records (STEP012)

    DJ Link – Decimo EP – Techno
    Amigos Recordings (AMIGOS10)

    Chewy Martins – Private EP – Techno

    Double Dutch – Eternity / Live in Liverpool / Unlock Ya Brain – Hardcore
    Next Generation (NG98)

    DJ Doust – DJ Doust EP2 – Drum’n Bass
    Dirt, Lies & Audio Black (DLAB047EP)

    AJ Battuta – Jealous M.F / Alarma – Hardcore/Hardstyle
    Bionic Digital (BIONIC023)

    Omega Drive – Astalavista Baby EP – Techno/Hard Groove/Tribal Techno
    Techno Artillery (TAR096)

    Various Artists – Diverse EP Part 1 – Hardcore/Hardstyle
    Nutty Trance (Nutty025)

    Future Signal – Replicant / Shadow – Drum’n Bass
    IM:LTD (IMLTD022)

    Yabol The Mechapriest – The Big Bang – Techno
    T3K (T3K028)[T3K028]

    Shaun Macdonald – Tech`No Chances – Techno
    Rabies Records (RR016)'No+Chances

    Various Artists – Save The Underground – Hardcore/Jumpstyle/Hardstyle
    Madskippers (MSDGTL09)

    Sinister Souls – Ascension EP – Drum’n Bass
    Mindtrick Records (MTRDIG001)

    Various Artists – Dark Emissions EP – Techno
    Reaktor (Reaktor007)

    Carl Falk – Lima – Techno/Tribal Techno
    Patterns (PATRN064)

    Benga, Kutz – Transformers / Shake It – Drum’n Bass
    Oi!Recordings (OIRECS001V)

    Giocator – Gargoyle EP – Drum’n Bass
    Fall Out (FALLOUTDIG006)

    Various Artists – Galleon – Hard Groove/Tribal Techno
    Phunkation (PHUNKATION002)

    Various Artists – Special Series – Techno/Hard Groove/Tribal Techno
    Special Series (SPSERIES032.5)

    DJ Jackpott – Hardstyle Is My Style – Jumpstyle/Hardstyle
    ASNAZZY Productions (AC0092)

    Various Artists – VibrofuzZ – Drum’n Bass
    Caliber Music (CLBR003)

    DJNORML – Are You Ready – Drum’n Bass
    ASNAZZY Productions (AC0091)

    Various Artists – Koitus Digital 12 – Hard Groove/Tribal Techno
    Koitus Records (KOITUSDIGITAL012)

    JMix – Eureka – Hard Groove/Tribal Techno
    Drakos Recordings (DRK021Di)

    Andy White – Option A – Techno
    Sick Weird Rough (SWR20)

    Camo UFOS – Bashment Crue – Drum’n Bass
    119 Sound (OON06)

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