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    Various Artists – Pressure Force EP – Techno
    Reaktor (REAKTOR006)

    Flex – Invasion – Techno
    Mekanism Records (MK005)

    Jerome Baker – Relentless For Life – Techno
    Urban Kickz Recordings (UKR009)

    Wojtyrov – Ich Mag Ibiza Party EP – Techno/Hard Groove/Tribal Techno
    Techno Artillery (TARL019)

    Sgnl – Do You Wonder / Cherry Blossom – Drum’n Bass
    Grey Sessions (UOOGREY004)

    Gamut – Alter Egotrip EP – Techno/Hard Groove/Tribal Techno
    Capital Techno Records (CTR007)

    Feyser – 20 Years EP – Techno
    Techno Artillery Light (TARL020)

    Omega Drive – Unknown EP – Tribal Techno/Hard Groove
    Techno Artillery (TAR095)

    Ukrainian Hardstylerz, Brian Sid – We Are Your Speakerz / Judgement Day – Hardstyle
    Bionic Digital (BIONIC022)

    Tribal Injection – Tribal Injection Dreamin – Techno
    Mix Store Records (MIXDD026)

    Andreas Florin – Berlin Mitte – Techno
    Techno Factory (TF001)

    Various Artists – Surface / Skuj – Drum’n Bass
    Synchronize Recordings (SYNCH006)

    Dani Giro – Series 005 EP – Techno
    Gophyl Records (GOPHYL005D)

    Iron – Falling Down / Look Closer – Drum’n Bass
    Union Recordings (UNION001LTD)

    NHB – Jersey Shore – Techno
    Bosphorous Underground (BU159)

    Dynamic Stab – Metamorfiz – Drum’n Bass
    Intelligent Recordings (INTLG019)

    Malda – Startech Mission EP – Techno/Acid Techno/Hard Groove
    Startech Records (STARTECH006D)

    DJ Emme – Hard & Fat Beats EP – Schranz/Hard Techno
    Cause Records (CAUSE013)

    Calculon, Sinistarr, Jaybee – Odessa – ASC Remix / Should I – Heavy Remix – Drum’n Bass
    Rubik Records (RRT018)

    Fourward – Episodes Album Sampler 1 – Drum’n Bass
    Citrus Recordings (CITRUSLP005S1)

    Unknown Artist – Brasileiros La Tarde Se Ha Puesto Trsite – Hard Groove/Tribal Techno
    Carnage Productions (CP006),+La+Tarde+Se+a+Puesto+Triste

    DJ Link – Decimo EP – Techno/Hard Groove/Tribal Techno
    Amigos Recordings (AMIGOS010)

    Various Artists – Phunknation 001 – Techno/Hard Groove/Tribal Techno
    Phunkation (PHUNKATION001)

    George Privatti – Heroic Pintour – Hard Groove/Tribal Techno
    Adult Records (ADLDIG031)

    Phunk Investigation – Hybrid – Techno
    Mcgroove Records (MCG019)

    Frenkie V – Rimshot EP – Techno
    Sick Weird Rough (SWR018)

    Various Artists – Aftershock – Hard Groove/Tribal Techno
    CP Series (CPSDIG015)

    Danny the Wildchild – Jungle Muzik EP – Drum’n Bass
    Rockers 175 (Rockers175006)

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