Reinforced Presents: Manix - The Early Plates

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    What can I say about Reinforced that has not already been said. Certainly one of teh most formative labels about. Form their early beginings in Marlow to their reign at Dollis Hill....wickid things.

    Manix were one of the hardcore /early jungle legends..and guess what you can Dowload the early plates as an LP now...for a tenner , well £9.99 you can get the entire album, or just pick your tracks...some proper classics of the early days to choose from :-

    1 You Held My Hand (3:36)
    2 Try To Love Me (5:17)
    3 Hardcore Junglism (5:09)
    4 Special Request (4:35)
    5 Heading To The Light (5:02)
    6 Stupid Dope Mix Part 1 (4:53)
    7 Oblivion (Head In The Clouds) (Manix Remix) (4:22)
    8 When Your Hold Me (4:47)
    9 Hardcore Junglism (Remix) (5:12)
    10 Rainbow People (Remix) (4:40)
    11 Reach Out (4:40)
    12 Let Your Mind Be Free (4:47)