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Aug 27, 2008
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Here's an hour-long mix I made for release on Valentines day. Originally the mix was made for a friend of mine who has never really listened to any Dn'B. This mix was to 'break' her into the dnb sound. She has a R&B music type background. So I mixed in some tracks I thought she'd be sorta familiar by mashing R&B tracks in there... but at the same time breaking her into dnb.

Lotsa 'Lovey-Dovey' soul type tracks, (Mutt, Redeyes, Calibre, Atlantic Connection ...etc etc..) just the right feeling for FEB.14 hehe.


1) Lucky’s Secret
2) Oh My, Hey Lover - EYENSEE ‘OOPs’ rmx
3) Same As We Always Feel - EYENSEE ‘Stay Together’ rmx
4) Road 2 Zion - Atlantic Connection
5) What About Us, Runaway - EYENSEE ‘I wanna Be Your Man’ rmx
6) Back Like Dat - Ghostface Killa feat. Ne-yO - DJ Marky / Bungle rmx
7) Can’t Tell me Nothing - Kanye West - Atlantic Connection rmx
8) All That JAzzy String City - EYENSEE 2xDrop
9) Go Thru The Motions - Mutt - EYENSEE ‘Fantasy’ rmx
10) Out Of Time - Smooth
11) What We Do - High Contrast
12) Dangerous Girls Around The World - EYENSEE ‘all ’round the world’ rmx
13) That’s The Way Love Goes - Rare White Label rmx
14) Let Me Know - Slip & Slide
15) Make It My Neck Tonight - EYENSEE ‘Scream & Moan’ rmx 2xDrop
16) Cosmonaught - Logistics
17) Seen You Before - Furney, A Cat Named Phil
18) Trying Measures - Mutt
19) U Dont’ Know My Name - Alicia Keys dnb rmx
20) Know My Name Sugar - EYENSS ‘Slick Break’ Rmx
21) Sugar - Red Eyes, Mutt
22) Nine Paper Cloud Planes - EYENSEE ‘bonifide husta’ rmx
23) Return to Forever - High Contrast
24) ** Oh Boy I’m Still Here - EYENSEE ‘pheramones’ Rmx
25) Take U There - Chase & Status feat. Digga
26) Soulick - Mutt
27) Moonshine - Hoodfellas
28) Take it in the Jugular
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Damn fine mix mate.

I have to ask. did you manage to pull this "friend" you made this mix for?!


she enjoyed and to this day still enjoys the mix. she's been training to run a marathon this year, this is her running song. as for managing to 'pull' her... lol, im working on that :D

thanks for having a listen! :)

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