recording problems


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one for you tech heads, when both channels are active the levels go nuts, the highs,mids,lows seem to go up and down and i dunno why? using a pioneer djm300 and record with sony acid through a behringer usb hub. ive tested the recording with just one channel active and it sounds fine the levels stay normal, but as soon as a drop two tunes together it sounds terrible, the high bleed up and down constantly and i know its not poor eq'ing.

anyone pinpoint this, if its the mixer or the shitty hub or maybe im doing something wrong with acid which is resulting in poor recording quality.


thing that bugs me is few weeks back i wouldnt get this problem so its summet thats happened recently, ive taken my gear to a few house parties etc so maybe my mixer is worn... fuck knows haha!

i can post an audio if required.



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i used to use acid to record mixies and all i can sudgest is to turn the volume down on the audio channel you are recording with? mayb the master aswell.
also turn your amp up asloud as pos and the master on the mixer down or use the record output (on the mixer) if you av one.