REAPA RECORDS presents REDCO + Clips of next releases & a Free MP3!


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Next Release
GPK - McKeesport (Click here to listen)
Redco - Virus 404 (Click here to listen)
REAPA009 - Clips
Redco - Naspar (Click here to listen)
Redco - Subsence (Click here to listen)
REDCO is a dnb project started by Ukrainian DJ & producer Roman Pelech. He started mixing music back in 1998 in the Czech Republic, where he lives at this moment. At the same time he made his first steps into production and after coming back to Ukraine in 2002, he started to collaborate with other producers, with his first track being played on local radio station, Sweet FM. 2003 brought Redco his first release on Ukrainian label, Virus Productions. This track was also included in the UA DRUMANDBASS CD compilation and in 2005 he released his first album Zenith, including a remix of Eurovision 2004 Song Contest winner, Ruslana. Over the past few years Redco has emerged as one of the leading DnB DJ’s in Ukraine and the Czech Republic, having played with the likes of Noisia, Sunchase, Spor, Black Sun Empire, John B and many more.
In 2008 Redco was signed too Reapa Records, with 3 tracks due to be released in the coming months, through Load Media. His first release is entitled, Virus 404 and will see him on the aa. side of REAPA008, with G.P.K – McKeesport on the flip.

Free 320 Mp3
Redco - Run (Click here & save target to download free 320)
For more info on Redco please visit or visit
Thankyou for your support and we hope you enjoy the new tracks.
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Will show support and get some copies in at the shop. I know a few heads who will be feeling these bangers

jay walker

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fookin big tunes, RedCo's a wicked signing Jim, wheres that 'Free Mp3' your chatting about?

Add the link for that, an you can have a sticky pon ze general ;)

oh, an if you still want that mix doing, fire me over some of RedCos new bits, ill give a play on the radio show too.

hope your well buddy :pimp: