Rate my tunes please!


*first tune,... Hmm, funkybeat, but I really dont like your drum samples. Especially your snare. Need sum filtering,.. Dont like the acid sound either.

*2nd tune.. better then the first one. The bassline's very deep. but just like your first mix, I dont like your snare. It sounds to dull.
Fruityloops samples?

*tune 3: Listening to Mercy show.... Intro.. Sounds real nice, nice vocals! Hmm.. Dont like the beat tough, . Again the snare.
Bassline starts to get boring,. At about 3/4 of your track, the bassline gets a little bit toooooo boooorring. Maybe you need sum more variations?

*4th tune: yeah... Like this one!!! Nice vocal atmosphere. Beat needs more power though. The breaks in the tune, are lame.

*Listening to Scribble.. nice intro. Damn, when your beat started to get in, It fucks up everything. Your beat is like in the background or sumthin man. You gotta level op your beat. Even your hihats are louder!!!

*Hmmm.. Listening to Scribble lost soul remix... Hmm... Strange beat. I think The first one's better...

*Mellow Flex: Wow., Strange beat. Very odd. Dont like this one. It doesn't sound like dnb actually..?

Scribble idd liked best. :slayer:
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