Randall J-tek Mix 140-150bpm Jungle Tekno 08 get it here

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    Audio here - www.myspace.com/jtekrecords

    A - Falling Bombs - Outrage and Modular
    AA - Living In A Basement - Modular

    Side A consists of a serious jungle techno tune, consisting of blended 4/4 and amen sections marching on top of a few samples which may be very familiar to the listener. As soon as the bass drops, it will undoubtedly murder the dancefloor. The tune’s content is pertinent to this day and age, and will strike a chord with anyone who has turned on their TV in the past few years only to see war, genocide, and human rights violations.

    Side AA presents a masterful approach to the jungle techno sounds, and draws on dub and techno influence. Maintaining a steady 4/4 groove over bouncing subs and ethereal atmospherics before drifting into serious rave stabs, this will definitely be one for the DJ looking to get the party going.

    Artists currently supporting the J-Tek sounds include: Lennie De Ice, Rabdall, Ratpack, MJ Cole, Slipmatt, Remarc, Phantasy, Heartless Crew, Robbie D, Kenny Ken, Kirsty Hawkshaw, Darren J, Collective Intelligence, Maryanne Hobbs, Equinox, Double O, Paradox + many more!


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    J-tek Tour Dates:

    21st March - Custard Factory, Birmingham
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    June 13th - Hong Kong
    June 14th - 808 Club, Bangkok, Thailand
    June 21st - Tokyo, Japan

    More tbc.. New Zealand, Australia and USA towards the end of the year.
    For more info or bookings please contact Zoe at bookings@j-tekrecords.co.uk.

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