RAMM109 - Wilkinson - Tonight / Pistol Whip


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Almost a year since his debut release with ‘Moonwalker / Samurai’, Wilkinson’s contribution to Ram this year has been second to none; with the sought after sounds of ‘Refugee’ on the RAM 100 album, he’s well-crafted remix of Chase & Status’ ‘Time’ ft. Delilah, and smashed up dance floors worldwide with ‘Every Time / Overdose’. Now he’s unleashing another monster single, ‘Tonight / Pistol Whip’. Already gaining support from Andy C, Culture Shock, Cyantific and Sub Focus, to name but a few, this release is set to take the world by storm.

'Tonight’ is packed with euphoric energy and infectious melodies that can’t fail to stick in your head. Uplifting vocals and a floor-shaking bassline complete the tune and ensure that this one is perfect for lightening the mood in peak time moments; a tried and tested dance floor favourite.

‘Pistol Whip’ heads into deeper and darker territory, perfectly showing off Wilkinson’s diversity. Skipping beats and winding bass notes intensify throughout while “Pistol whip” vocals punctuate murderous end of phrase sections. This track will make the day of anyone who keeps a keen ear out for drum & bass with something new to say.

Rounding off the release is Wilkinson’s ‘After Midnight Mix’. Available as part of the digital package only, Wilkinson takes the euphoric melodies of ‘Tonight’ and backs them up with a bouncing drumstep beat and seriously heavyweight bass.


A: Tonight
AA: Pistol Whip

After Midnight Mix Digital Only Bonus Track


One of my favourites of 2011
Both fucking amazing, even if Tonight does sound like a combination of Danny Byrd - Labyrinth and Sub Focus - Deep Space... still an amazing tune, and Pistol Whip's just on another level entirely... can remember the first time I heard that tune and literally stood still thinking "What the fuck is this beast?". Wilkinson's easily RAM's best new signing... constant flow of amazing tunes at a pretty fucking fast rate(COUGH MINDVORTEX COUGH*), the guy can do no wrong!

*I do love Mind Vortex's stuff, but god damn, I would've expected at least 1 12" single already T_T
yea for sure it was a big year. delta heavy 107 is the only one i genuinely dont like either side but a few goodies either side of that makes me forgive Ram haha