Radio NaLife106.4FM 2nite@12mid GMT- DJ Class-A + guest DJ Mush

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    Apr 9, 2005
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    Dublin (from Derry)

    Check out E.S.P. tonight, live from 12midnight (GMT) on 106.4FM in Dublin & surrounding areas and worldwide on the net @

    or to open in Media player (louder stream) use this link & click on live stream:

    Show Info:

    For the 1st half of the show, expect to hear the usual varied mix of dnb from myself, with plenty of new bits & some old & classic stuff thrown in too. Expect to hear tracks from the likes of Brockie & Ed Solo, Fierce, D Bridge, Ed Rush & Optical, Break, Benny G and DJ SS to name a few.

    Then I will have a live guest mix from local badman DJ Mush (Syndrome Crew) who will be blasting out a heavier selection of techstep/dark dnb. Well worth checkin out.

    Tune In/Lock on/Brock out! :jacko:


    Mark :)