R.J. aka Rojesku says "Hi"


New Member
Hi there lot,

How are you all doing? I thought i'd just introduce myself, since I'm new and you guys don't know me. I'm RJ, 20, from the Netherlands. Drum and bass is not new to me, and I've been listening to it for about 6 years now. First Dnbshow i went to was Marcus Intalex, and he seriously blew my 15 year old brain appart. My world was never the same. I enjoy listening to lots of styles of Dnb, from liquid to the more edgy stuff like nosia and Black sun Empire(Both Dutch duh). I Never really got into the scene, never did any producing, I just listened to it. Now that I've quit school I have more time on my hands I thought: why not remix some songs into Dnb? If you guys have time I'd like all'a'yall to check out my track, posted somewhere in the "new talent" section.

Excuse me if I made some spelling errors. It's a Holland thing.