DnB R.I.S.A - February steps


Mar 15, 2011

Dynamic - Memoirs from neon city
Integration Now - The baby love
Paul SG - Sun goes down
Technicolour - Centrifuge
Mistabishi - A culture of enforced stupidity
Stone - Street talk
Side Effect - Bass inspector
Jason Burns - Back 2 You (Sinistarr Remix)
S.I.N - Oldy
Muffler - Tear your soul
Mikal - Device
Gerra & Stone - Anywhere but here
Sunchase & Nickbee - Zoned
Macc - Change & stay the same
Marcio Mouse - Inception
Edward Oberon & Paul T - Absolute
D Bridge - The little things
Break - They're wrong
Deeper connection - Hold Me Down (Stunna Remix)
Nuage - September song
Lenzman feat Treez - Lose you
this looks aweeesome, been rinsing absolute lately as well will be nice to hear it with the little things. will feedback soon as
Excellent mix mate. really impressed with the way you handled the different styles, like the first 5 liquid tracks flowed really well then when you went into the darker section there were more double drops etc. your selection is really nice and varied as well, loadsa stuff to look out for centrifuge and back to you remix are biggg. nice to see a mistabishi track in there too. anywhere but here > zoned was too much, both ridiculously good tracks. eq'ing sounding really nice except for that first blend which didn't seem too clean (maybe i'm wrong!) and i wasn't a huge fan of that muffler tune but thats only if i was being really picky. quality stuff mate following on soundcloud, whats your set up if you dont mind me asking?
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