Qzen (Groundscore, Eklektic, SF): Live In Vancouver


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Aug 12, 2003

Total Science - NHS remix- 31
Calibre - It's Over - Soul:r CDR
Sonic - Make Me Wanna - V
Mist - Barracuda - Soul:r CDR
Mikrob - My Love - Media
Kaos & Karl K - Soul On Fire - CDR (?)
EZ Rollers - Back To Love - Moving Shadow
Ransom & UFO! - Autotecknica - CDR (unreleased)
Klute - Autokarma - Certificate 18
John B & Faith in Chaos - Sex Dwarf - CDR (?)
Def Con One - Time Is The Fire - Mac II
n/a - Insatiable - bootleg
Mathematics - Funhouse - CDR (Frontline)
Tomahawk - Until Dawn - Hospital
Abstract - Now Is The Time - CDR (BBS)
EZ Rollers - Ready For Love - V
Juju - Voo Doo - Invaderz CDR
Ram Trilogy - Titan - Ram
D. Kay - Devotion - Soul:r CDR

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
Affilations: Groundscore, Eklektic, Twinz Of Torment, Mirror Minded
Style: Drum and bass from Love Step to the mash up, '80s party jams

"That's why music and I are soul mates, it gives me a vehicle for my emotion."

Qzen's passion for drum & bass is evident every time she takes the decks. With a giant smile and a soulful track selection, she instantly connects with the crowd on the dancefloor, taking them on a ride through the best of breakbeat with an ear for deftly matching melodies and top-notch programming.

Qzen may have only been mixing for three years, but she's been involved in the San Francisco drum & bass scene for many more. In 1997, she co-founded Eklektic, the city's longest running and most popular drum & bass night, with dMarie and Ms.E. She has been a tireless supporter, documenting the music and culture through photographs, flyer and web design, ‘zines, and hours logged on the dancefloor. She also co-hosted the popular Underscore drum & bass show on Internet radio station Groovetech.com.

In 1999, Qzen finally took the turntables, unveiling a mature sound that pays tribute to classic drum & bass but also encompasses today's most futuristic and cutting-edge sounds. In just three short years, she has played up and down the West Coast, ripping dancefloors at San Francisco's Phuturo, Compression, and Eklektic, LA's Respect, and San Diego’s Dragon Lounge, as well as playing at Camouflage and Konkrete Jungle in New York and events in Montreal and Rosarito, Mexico. She has held her own alongside UK names such as Ed Rush and Optical, Storm, and DJ Lee, as well as all the big Stateside DJs.

In 2003, Qzen is devoting her tireless energy to working on music production alongside Los Angeles' DJ Sinseer as Mirror Minded. She also hopes to take DJing even further this year, while remaining devoted to the San Francisco scene that has always been her inspiration.
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