Quick questions regarding multiple sidechaining??

Hi guys, ive never side chained a kick before but i get the mehtod and princible behind it and am about to try it out. Reason being is that my kick, that i happen to like is getting drown by more than one bass sound. hence the title multiple sidechain.

Things i need to know...

1: Is it common to sidechain in dnb and do any of you do it?
2: Would i have to sidechain all the bass sounds idividualy or is there a way to sort of copy&paste it:D
3:If i had a ghost kick that was different to my main one and i do sidechain,whould i have sidchain the ghosts aswell.
4 o_Or do i forget the side chain an fatten the kick up with another one?

Only thing with option 4 is im always fighting with the sounds.



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1. not sure if it is really common, but i find myself sidechaining quite a bit in dnb lately. and not just bass/kicks.
2. you could send all the bass sounds to one bus/aux channel, and apply the sidechain compression to that channel
3. if it is really a "ghost" kick, i wouldn't worry about it at first. see if just sidechaining to the main kick fixes the problem first
4. i would avoid this, i think layering kicks (especially if you have a good one now) just makes a mess. while i do layer up to 4 snares, i never layer kick drums. not that it never works, i just think a good solid sample is better for a kick drum.

i'm sure others can suggest different things since, as usual, there are a million ways to solve your problem...


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i know its a old tired answer, but try and experiemnt, as there isnt one right way.
get your sidechain going with the kick as the trigger, and start adding elements of the tune whilst messing around with the settings. you need to find the best combination for your track.
also, its common to sidechain high frequencies, with the ride as a trigger. really, you can go crazy and just route everything so theres absolutely no frequency clash at any point, but that's a bit extreme imo. but check it out, see what you think. (y)

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also, dont forget that you dont have to only use a compressor for sidechaining. try printing everything to audio, and use volume curves. can give great results, and really controllable effects


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well its common for sidechaining in alote of electronic dance music..but in dnb you can use sidechaining i figure ,if you find it sounds cool on what youve just side chained..i use reason but i dont dare to touch its control surface ..abltonlive duz it all for me when rewired..i only use some of there sounds..so i really cant give you an idea on sidechaining in reason.but mostly ive noticed dnb .is a mix of eqing,sidechaining and what ever some one thinks sounds good.but alote of eqing.to get thoughs bass vocal vowal sounds..:typing: