Quick question about monitors and mixers


Jan 10, 2012
Hi there, I am going to be purchasing some Rokit 6's I am aware i need a audio interface to get the ebst results out of them. However i am also going to be purchasing some CDJ's...
I was wondering, can i use a 4 channel mixer such as the Numark M6 as an audio interface for my monitors and as a mixer for my CDJ's?
You don't need an audio interface for monitors just decent outputs on a mixer. The audio interface would be for playing things from a computer as most built in soundcards are shite. The Numark M6 will be fine for the Rokits.
Yes it will be ok. It will only have 1 stereo channel of sound from the computer. If you want more you need to look at USB 2.0 mixers. The sound quality on a mixer that cheap wont be great either.
could you recommend a good one that will give good sound quality then?
Also why would it only have 1 stereo channel? im a tad lost when it comes to this

Also why would the sound quality not be that great?
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