Putting on events ( The legal side )

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Mar 2, 2010
I run a dnb night in wootton bassett. The venue we were using was in a back room of a pub. But now after about 6 events the council have decided to shut us down due to persistent noise complaints from local residents.
So now we are without a venue.
Although the owner of the bar we were using knows someone with a few vacant industrial warehouses about 5 mins walk from the old venue. We would be allowed to use them but we need to sort all the legal side of things before we can use them.
The owner of the bar also owns a "outside bar licence" so he's planning on using that to set up a bar in the back of the warehouse.
I am aware there are other things that need to be sorted out ie Planning permission, public liability insurance ect.

Does anyone here have any experience in putting on legal nights that aren't in fully licenced clubs ?


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Dec 5, 2005
easiest way for less 499 people on the premesis (including staff, crew, artists and punters) is to apply for a TEN with the local council, Tempory Entertainment Notice, costs about 20quid, if you want more than 499 people, then costs and legal requirements go up *massivly*. Public liability insurance u get thru a broker, pricey. make sure you get a decent security team aswell, around £10-20ph. you'll need fire equipment aswell, a local hire company for generators/industrials tools can probly sort that for ya. worth having one or two qualified first aiders/paramedics/nurses/doctor/whatever you can find, on site aswell

you can only have 10 or 12 TEN on one premsis per year if i remeber right, and i think next year or the year after they are scrapping them



Nov 13, 2009
As said a TEN is your best bet if you want too do it in anything other than a club, anything else will be hard to get permission for/cost alot. TEN's are still not easy too get tho, esspecialy if your council are strict and it might be hard too go on really late. You can also get mutipile TEN's for one venue if you can show a clear divide in the venue, eg room 1 and a room 2 and keep them both below 499 people in each. Festivals have been done in this way before.

Ive done nights before in venues without the permision of the council only the owners permission and got away with it. But in the eyes of the law they are seen as illegal and you could get in alot of shit. If you do plan on doing it this way your only chance of getting away with it when the police turn up. Is by saying your having a private party (a guestlist is a good way of proving this although its abit of a chore)and you can prove that its undercontrol and that you have things like sercuity/fire extingsters/first aiders etc. You cant sell tickets for private partys either bare that in mind it has to be a "donation". Also you need to try and prevent the spill of sound from the venue as much as you can, the quieter it is outside the less likey you will get complaints.

Hope that helps.
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