Purple Poolwater podcast : Episode 2

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    Purple Poolwater: Episode 2 : The Journey to planet 7

    dj's: The Danger Dub Duo (Violet gray + Dub-a-tak)

    mc: Sage Emeralds

    After barely surviving a deadly meteor storm near the clandestine galaxy, Space Ghost is in need of a vacation. So he decides to stop at a nearby space station to find out whats going on in the area. He picks up a flyer for a dubstep party happening tonight on planet 7 with special guest dj's THE DANGER DUB DUO! He runs out of the space station and quickly fires up his ghost ship...Next stop Planet 7!!!

    Tracklisting #2

    1) n/a
    2) Rusko- Original Cut
    3) 12th Planet Feat Emu - Control
    4) Crissy criss- Don't Mess About
    5) Bar 9 - Bakin Bread
    6) Teksteppa- Rave culture
    7) DZ- Down
    8) Bar 9- Shaolin
    9) Search and Destroy- Desperate Measures
    10) Nero- This Way


    *snippets taken from a live performance...