Provincial Pressure Tour 2004


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Feb 18, 2003
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

As you can see from above Crash and myself (Dexx) are well established DJs in our respective scenes. We do both however yearn for different places, faces and city vibes. So with that being said, we present to you the ‘Provincial Pressure Tour’.

Our journey will start in Winnipeg on Feb 27th and we hope to wrap it up and fly home from our final destination on or around March 13th.

Our goal is to travel across Western Canada rinsing out every dance or party that will have us. We're not rolling on some ‘Superstar Ego Tour’ simply, we're just trying to make it from across Western Canada on the dime of DnB and basically spend 2 weeks partying with as many Canadian junglists we encounter sharing in our flavour, style and love for the music.

So, if your a promoter of large events, small events, club nights, one off's, radio, anything hosting or showcasing DnB music, and would be interested in having two guys from far away play, please contact us.

We are looking to play anywhere in Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC.
Ideally we want to work with promoters to help build a stronger Canadian DnB community, thus building up our contact base on a more National level. As far as wages are concerned, we are very open and willing to negotiate and any reasonable offer will be accepted.

All of our dates will be listed on every message board in Canada (that we know of) as well as a full-page feature ad in Rinse Magazine detailing all the tour information. Not to shabby of a promotion for any DnB night, as well as an excellent set of contacts if you’re ever in the Winnipeg or Toronto area.

For more artist information and available tour dates please contact us at:

Crash email/msn:
AIM: rudeboycrash ICQ: 60644372

Dexx email/msn:
AIM: dexx2004

Soldiering our way across Canada, big up all Canadian junglists.

First night of the tour:


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