PROMOTING Porducers/DJ's!


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Electronic HQ is here to help those who create/DJ electronic music, get their work out there. For those who don't produce music, this is a perfect
place to find new/up and coming artists/producers/DJ's across the world! The admin on this site have varying levels of knowledge about electronic music but there's one thing that joins us all, and that is the passion for great music. We endeavour to make this a community for musicians, DJs promoters and of course fans who want to hear boxfresh material from the beating heart of the scene: the artists at street level. We are aware the
electronic music is saturated at the moment, but we are here to push those artists we believe have genuine talent into the sights of fans who would not normally have access to their music. If you want us to post anything the contact details are on the page, but as of yet we are short on likes!

Help get this ball rolling guys!