Proffesionals, help needed!


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mate it good for an early mix, theres a few recommendations i can make though.

When bringing true romance in keep the bass cut low and let it play alongside the other tune for an extra 32 bars and drop the other tune out as the dirty synth kicks in... it should leave the mix sounding more flowing without people noticing the first tack going out.

Your second mix is practically flawless, theres not much that can be improved on... well done

The third mix is a difficult one as the hats dont exactly line up, you beat matched it well but i would of kept the hf cut down lower and bring it up while gradually taking the other one down.

The fourth mix again sounds slightly out of time, as i don't know the tune i dont know if its your beatmatching or just the drums in the tune not matching up fully, again more use of the eq will improve it and try to be less choppy

Finally the mixes in and out of 4 days are pretty good, and you picked a good tune to finish off with as it brings the mood down to a close.

Overall it's very good for an early mix, just try to use the EQs more and be a bit slower and smoother with the faders... I'd like to know what sort of gear you made this mix on... Vinyl, CD or PC?