plz critique new dnb song


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i'm a long-time DJ, started spinning vinyls in 2002 and dabble in making beats since '99 but am not very good at the latter. i've recently spent an extraordinary amount of time over the past few months to step up my game with production cuz it's something i enjoy but feel i've never been good at. critiques are welcome, this song still isn't finished yet i've been working on it for about 2 months and i still need to finish from 4:08+ in the song but would like to get opinions on the song prior to 4:08 or if you have any critiques in general i'd like to hear them. at 4:08 the vocals are drowned out a bit and i'm going to put some vocals in at the end as part of an outro, maybe take the sub bass down by -1db or -0.5db. aside from that i need to master it, i'm going to give parallel compression a try. once it's done i'll throw it up on soundcloud but i wanted to get some opinions of fellow EDM lovers first

the drums i resampled from kurtis blow - do the do cuz i've always been a big fan of adam f - circles and ltj bukem - horizons. just sliced them up, layered them and glitched them at some parts (slight old skool influence), etc. other than the drums, neither of those songs were influences of course as this song has more of a trancey feel (the supersaw and pad) with some progressive house-style plucks. sylenth and dune were the weapons of choice. tossed in a rachael starr acapella cuz my wife prefers vocal songs, female vocals of course