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Dec 29, 2008
west london
does anyone have any tips or ideas on how to get heard or get a set, been mixing a few years now and well up for playing out, my demo

chase and status- is it it worth it
commix- be true
makoto- voyager
losistics together
ill logic and raf- the price
sigma- el presidente vip
chase and status- in love
q project- living with the beaker
shy fx- feelings
q project- sleepers
chase and status- hurt you
a.i- desperado
Talk to club owners and friends who have performed in clubs. I've never played at a club but that seems to be the consensus...
yeh mate if you got any friends who run a night or know anyone that runs a night, just ask them, ask for a room two set or summit.

either that or get a couple of your mates together a put on a night
I'm in the U.S. and at clubs here, they usually ask for a CD of a mix to see what ya mix like, bring a demo CD with ya to venue's and tell them if possible you'd like to do a set there, etc., and offer the CD for them to listen to your track selections, mixing ability, etc...someone at the door of the venue can probably direct ya to the person to talk to. pz & good luck to ya'
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