[Pinecone Moonshine 046] Scale and Acid Lab - Tea of Sears (Ambient/Drumfunk/Footwork)


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Jun 25, 2004
Pinecone Moonshine 046
Scale and Acid Lab - Tea of Sears


A. Contact Lost - Tea of Sears
B. Scale - Mind Control
C. Acid Lab - The Unspoken Divination
D. Contact Lost - Walking in My Gloves

With the rising and dropping of a harmony, wisps of filtered breaks, and spread out bass notes, Scale and Acid Lab use their alias Contact Lost to stray away from Drum and Bass on the title track. Building to a peak two and half minutes in, Tea of Sears is a suspenseful introduction of minimal 160 bpm.

Scale’s Mind Control continues the apprehensive tone adding in two aggressive, lo-fi and noisey drum kits. As the piece progresses and the drums relentlessly push forward, sparse piano and jazz chords add dimension and lightness.

Acid Lab brings the layered break beats of a late 90’s rolling Drum and Bass track. The foreboding ambiences and delayed sound effects are reminiscent of Science Fiction. The track slows down and starts to unravel like it is falling sideways.

The last track opens with warm ambient pads and subtle percussion. A sampled drum break speeds up the pace while keeping the tone uplifting. Looping vocals and a synthetic drum break lead out the track in a Footwork fashion.

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Tracks mastered by Macc : www.scmastering.com
Artwork by Scratch and Line.

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