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Aug 9, 2003

Hi Guys! Wanted to let you know my 3rd full lenght artist album is released today on Soul Deep Recordings . Big thanks to Scott Allen for all his efforts to push the music out there!

Soul Deep Exclusives and Physics are proud announce the release of the Looking Back LP, which is now available in all major digital stores and streaming platforms. The album marks the 9th release in the Artist Spotlight Series, which gives deserving artists a platform to represent their sound with a full album release. The Finnish producer puts his talents on full display, gracing the fans of his music with 11 lush tunes for their music libraries. The album kicks off with the title track, “Looking Back,” which sets the vibe just right with its reverb soaked piano chords, melancholic horns, soulful vocals, and Amen Drums. Throughout the album he shows off the diversity in his production skills. From the lush Liquid sounds of “Blue Sky”, to the bouncy bassline workout of “The City that Never Sleeps”, to he edgy Reggae influenced “Cultivator”, Physics delivers solid grooves that will make you move. Check it out!
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