Pete Rann presents - The Running man EP, out in all good stores now!


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Pete Rann is pleased to announce his first new online digital release entitled `The Running man EP` which will be distributed via Nu Urban music and available to purchase from iTunes, Juno, Beatport, Dogs on acid and all the usual online stores.



Initially only available as a limited promo some time ago, we are sure this will do some serious dance floor damage with its funky almost house tinged flavour . Starting off with hypnotic pads, deep spaced out house vocals, chunky beats and a rather tasty Detroit style riff, soon as the subsequent funky bass line drops the track drives and builds with some more deep sounds and hooks leading to a subtle chord progression finally ending as a full on piano/string epic with a vocal telling you that `music is the answer`.


One for the Detroit techno fans maybe, a slightly deeper number here whilst still maintaining its dance floor appeal. The track kicks off with warm old school style pads leading to an arpeggiated riff that Kraftwerk would be proud of! The main filtered pad, driving drums and warm underlying bass line adds to the final ingredients. With some further arpeggiated riffs and a nice Rhodes lick added along the way, these lead to a tearing final breakdown, taking the listener further into deep space and beyond. With a nice little vocal saying `it will make your head swell`……well, we hope it does!


Probably the deepest cut on the EP. This is a collaboration with German producers PBK from Camino Blue recordings. One for the atmospheric heads for sure, the track begins with a haunting pad added with some lush guitar stabs, devastating sound effects and an equally emotional synth stab that really gives the track depth. From there, the snappy style snares and warm bass line lead to a thought provoking lead riff along with a mystical sounding pad to assist you. An arpeggiated riff then leads to a truly ethereal breakdown with some nice LFO effected pads, Detroit style sounds and powerful synth lead to take hold of your senses.


The final cut on the EP starts of with a complex orchestral style pad with some subtle Rhodes, vocal hits, warm beats and a nice Piano lead near the drop mirrored by a dark warped LFO type sound for a bit of yin and yang. Once the heavy bass line drops, the trade mark sounds kick in by way of analogue style squelches, acid riffs, spaced out vocals and warm, emotional pads and pianos. The breakdown is no exception and the listener is further propelled into other worlds by a range of searing pads and a vast array of soundscapes until transportation back to Earth is just about reached.