PERKUSSIV label launch with The Sect, Skynet, Pyro, Amex, Tamas and more


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Hello ladies and gentlemen, bois and girls!

Perkussiv Music is about to launch. Things have been finalized and the label is
now proudly showing future plans and actions to our future fans.
The label is not much about words, it is all about music.
Nevertheless we want to give you an insight into the label's philosophy:

Perkussiv’s main focus is to release quality music from around the globe,
both Techno and Drum and Bass.
With professional attitude, the label’s heads
Amex from Germany,
Rufftex and Pao from Switzerland,
plus Tamas from Austria
put their whole energy in quality control,
thus the label’s fans can enjoy full effects of
true deep-hearted music.

These are only some of the most respected Drum and Bass artists we signed and confirmed with our label:

+ many more. The full artist roster can be found on our MySpace page which extends steadily.



A podcast of the upcoming releases has been made available by Amex.
You can download the podcast here or just by clicking on the image below. Tracklist can be discovered here.



A. The Sect - Stranger
B. The Sect - Stranger (Amex RMX)

Release Date: Feb 22nd 2010

Perkussiv is proud to welcome very respected 'The Sect' from UK. The label's debut release will be banging
original sounding Stranger by The Sect combined with the deep-hearted perkussiv interpretation of Amex.
Clips are available on our soundcloud and myspace page (please click the images):

A. Eiton - Kookon
B. Eiton - Baril
C. Eiton - Molok
D. Amex + Eiton - Never Ever

Release Date: March 2010

Eiton hailing from France will come along with a strong EP to show the world what french technoid Drum and Bass really is.
Clips are available on our soundcloud and myspace page (please click the images):

Furthermore Perkussiv will release one release per month for the sake of quality, not quantity.
The next upcoming releases will be announced after the first release.



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As first goodie the 1000th follower of Perkussiv gets a special fan shirt from our spreadshirt fanshop. Don't be late!
If you are not one of the lucky ones and want to purchase a stylish shirt or other fan goods have a look at (Non-EU soon to come):

As well we will give another fantastic present to our 1000th fan on facebook!
Finally, our newsletter subscribers are priviliged to get exclusive specials too. If you want to sign up, you can do it here.



We appreciate your patience and hope to get some fans of that share our vision.
Our goal is to serve your taste considering our unique release philosophy.
If you have got any feedback please do not hesitate to contact us.
And a huge thank you to our artists for your support!

Your Perkussiv team

Contact: (launched soon)