Pavel K. - Next Time To Fly


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if u feedback some other people and they might pay some attention to your tracks!! seems like you only come on here to get feedback or ask questions :p

putting that aside, i kinda like the bassline in this. The effects are cool. But the drums are weak IMO, sounds like you havnt put much effort into them


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Sounds incredibly strange ;D

I think the hats are a little too high in the mix.
Very long intro. Quite strange as well. Oooh i see, the drop was pretty cool actually, very cool sounding. I think the drums should definitely be higher in the mix.

That 3.15 thing was strange as heck.

Quite a long one, but it was interesting at times i must say, very unique sounding, i have never heard anything like it really.

Now go and fix that, out of key piano thingy and Drums!

Cheers =)

I like the fact that it evolves... it's going somewhere with a direction.
Hmm the piano seems to be out of key when it's coming down.


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luciduk Cheers for the honesty, havent thought about the selfishness will be working on it!
And thanks for the feedback will take it on board and keep in mind for future work!:)

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Nacon Thanks for the feedback! The levels of the drums i spent ages on it trying to level it but its a pretty hard job without monitors and doing it in headphones couldnt hear the overall picture, might sound like an excuse) but i'll try to correct that! The piano was a bit of pain as well i played the original melody on an actual piano recorded and it sounded ok so then i chaned it into midi and when i put over the strings it got the out of tune bit, will look into again thou!

Again feedback much appreciated, thanks!
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pull the hats down a bit so they're less sharp. Also did you pan them? If so when they're the only percussive element at the start of the track, you might want to keep them centered. (This could be due to my headphones, so you might want to disregard this entirely.)
I think the LFO on the sub is a tiny bit too profound or quick (personal opinion.) But I love the little percussive switch up at 1.03 :love:
Bring those hats (the first ones at the intro) down a bit, or atleast in the intro.
Might want to cut down the first part of the tune (after the drop) down a little as it gets a tiny bit repetitive (so 8 bars would probably be fine I reckon), but the breakdown and mix up is great :D Also really feeling it when it goes sort of half tempo.
The track must have quite alot of potential for me to write that much so keep at it, sounding good so far :D