pé podcast 1

01. Heist- Ambush /Co-lab/
02. Norm- Smoke /Dub/
03. Pleasure- Technique /Lowdowndeep/
04. Heist- Don't Understand (Taxman remix) /Co-lab/
05. Hazard- Cowards Beware /Playaz/
06. Vital Elements- Digital Love /Grid/
07. Zen- Shoot-Em-Up /Flipmode/
08. Sly- Twiglight Zone /Lowdowndeep/
09. Modified Motion- Searchin /Dynamic Audio/
10. The Force- The Story /Stereotype/
11. Mutated Forms- Boozie Monster /Zombie/
12. Benny Page- Every Man /Mix'n'Blen/
13. Jaydan- Felony /Smokin' Riddims/
14. Vital Elements- The Path Is Clear /Grid/
15. Original Sin- D For Danger /Playaz/
15. Pleasure- Stingray /Smokin'Riddims/
16. Vital Elements- Gangsta Sound (Mutated Forms remix) /Grid/
17. Visionary- Rockers Rock /Horizons/
18. Norm- Space Jam /Dub/
19. Vital Elements- What's Going On /Grid/
20. Pleasure- Wish Master /Lowdowndeep/
21. Double Zero- Forum Funnie /Propaganda/
22. Original Sin- Cheeater Cheeater /Ganja/
23. Hazard- Killer's Dont Die /Playaz/
24. Double Zero- Slut /Frontline/
25. Spice- 2dem /Back2Basics/
26. Friction- Robocop (Taxman Remix) /Playaz/
27. Generation Dub- Tink Ya Bad /Ganja/
28. Visionary- Rullin' Sound /Digital Soundboy/
29. Original Sin- Decibel /Playaz/
30. P_Double- The Oklahoma Kid VIP /Dub/
31. Tc- Where's My Money (Clipz remix) /D-Style/
32. Ben Weestbech- Get Closer (Rocker's remix) /Brownswood/
33. Norm- Midnight Lover /Dub/
34. Taxman- Spaceman /Frontline/
35. Modified Motion- That Isn't Enough /Dynamic Audio/
36. Wickaman & Hoddlum- Seville /Spider/
>>> Shy Fx feat T.Power- Feelings /Digital Soundboy/