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Outer Heaven

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Feb 18, 2016
Ez guys,

Following on from my '100 pads & drones' sample pack, I have just released my next one!


Available now on Bandcamp:

The 'Breakbeat' sample pack features 74 drum breaks which I have sampled from vinyl using my AKAI s950 sampler. I then chopped & arranged the drum breaks into ready to use 170 BPM loops for you to drop into your sampler of choice and layer with other sounds.

Additionally there are 10 'Full Breaks' which I have chopped, layered and looped with other drum sounds which are ready to use in your tracks straight away.

Originally released in 1988 the s950 was and still is a favourite amongst hip hop & jungle producers. As well as being the first AKAI sampler to offer time-stretching without altering pitch, the s950 also adds a particular colouration and feel to the sounds.

In particular the 12bit sampler can add some nice crunch to drums if they are sampled in a little bit too loud and clip the audio. I sampled some breaks louder than others to add more/less of this sound to particular drums.

Thanks for the support,
-Outer Heaven
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